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Resnick Energy: Taking Care of Business

Our commercial fueling services can’t be beat!

why choose resnick energy sullivan countyThe Resnick Energy service area in Sullivan, eastern Ulster and northern Orange counties is large.

And in this region is a diverse array of businesses, organizations, school districts and municipalities that rely on commercial fuels. Resnick Energy has a long, successful track record of making sure they have the fuels they need when they need them.

What kind of businesses need commercial fuels?

Just about every kind. If you’re using fleet vehicles or equipment to get the job done, you need gasoline, diesel and/or off-road diesel to keep them running. Here are some examples:

And then there are local governments, school districts and organizations that need fuel for equipment like school buses, first responder vehicles, snow plows, shuttle buses, commercial mowers for parks, paratransit buses, and more.

Why Resnick Energy for commercial fuels?

The professionals at Resnick Energy understand the needs of local businesses because we’re part of one ourselves.

We get that you have a lot to do running things, and that your employees should focus on doing their jobs. That’s why we offer fleet fueling that lets you do those things with no worries about managing fuel.

Fleet fueling saves you time and money.

When you don’t have fleet fueling, your drivers lose time when they could be working finding filling stations and filling their vehicles before getting back to work. And then more time is lost when they have to organize receipts and submit them and other paperwork. Your office staff then have to take care of that paperwork, make sure reimbursement is done, and log everything for record-keeping.

Resnick Energy’s fleet fueling services eliminates all of that. We offer on-road diesel, off-road diesel, unleaded gasoline, super unleaded gasoline and kersone, so whatever your fleet needs, we can supply it.

We deliver your fuel to your business or your job site. If you want a commercial fuel tank on-site, we can provide them. Now, your fuel comes from one source, so you have a better handle on your fuel costs.

Make running your business easier. Contact Resnick Energy to learn more about our commercial fuel services!