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Plan Ahead! Why You Should Order Heating Oil This Spring

Plan Ahead! Why You Should Order Heating Oil This Spring

We Can Help You Stay Ahead of the Game

Spring time is officially here! Which hopefully means warmer days are upon us. Here in New York, we know that spring weather can be a bit unpredictable. While it may be sunny and 65 degrees one day, it’s possible to get frigid temperatures the next. Planning ahead for warmer weather can be extremely beneficial for your heating oil system. Here are some key reasons to order heating oil this spring:
1. Protect Your Oil Tank
During the transition from cold to warmer weather, heating oil tanks may naturally build up condensation. Due to varying extremes in temperature, this excess moisture can degrade the metal inside your tank; causing corrosion. We recommend filling up your oil tanks this spring to eliminate any excess room for moisture and rust to form. Being proactive will save you the risk of having to repair or replace your tank!

2. Cold Nights
While temperatures are rising during spring time, there’s no doubt you will experience some very cold nights! Filling up your heating oil tank will give you peace of mind that you and your family can be warm and comfortable until summer hits.

3. Take Advantage of Our Budget Plan!
The budget plan at Resnick Energy can help you stay on top of your heating oil schedule and will allow you to order oil consistently, even during spring and summer months. Instead of paying the bulk of your heating bills over a few months, we take your average annual fuel use and spread the cost over 12 even payments. This will give you peace of mind as we transition to warmer weather.

4. Easy Online Ordering
Ordering heating oil online is another easy way to ensure you and your family stay warm during spring nights. By ordering online you will save 5 cents per gallon! There is also an automatic delivery option, making the process even easier.

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