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How Exactly Do Budget Plans Work?

Find out how you can budget for heating oil!

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It’s been a beautiful summer here in the Hudson Valley and Catskills regions. We hope you’re enjoying it!

But we also hope that you’ll take a few minutes to think about the coming winter.

We get that you probably don’t want to think about heating your home when you’d rather be outside. But a few minutes of thought and planning now will help you a lot later.

That’s because now is the time to enroll in the Resnick Energy heating oil Smart Cap budget plan!

What are the advantages of a budget plan?

The Smart Cap budget plan helps you take control of your heating oil costs.

Look over your heating oil statements for the last year. You notice that your bills go way up in the winter, when you’re using more heating oil. That rise and fall of your bills makes it harder to budget for expenses.

We will estimate your annual heating oil costs, factoring in your home’s size as well as your prior usage. Then we take that estimated amount and divide it into 11 even and easy payments. No spikes in your bill, no surprises, no worries.

And because you know what you’ll be paying each month, it will be easier for you to create a monthly household budget and stick to it.

Not only is our Smart Cap budget plan FREE to enroll in, you get the same great price for your heating oil whether you pay with cash, credit card, or check!

Other Payment Options

You can make managing your heating oil costs even easier by enrolling in our AutoPay program. Your monthly payments will be automatically paid through your credit card or checking account.

You’ll always be on time with your payments, and, if you use your credit card, you can build up your rewards points totals.

Looking for another way to take control of your heating oil costs? Our Pre-Buy Protection Price Plan lets you buy up to 100% of the heating oil you used in the last year. And because you’re buying in the summer when heating oil prices are traditionally lower than in the winter, it could save you some big bucks!

Resnick Energy provides the heating oil delivery you can count on. Become a customer today!