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How to Reduce Your Home’s Humidity with an Air Conditioning Unit

Follow these great tips to reduce humidity in your home!

Now that summertime is well underway, humidity is worse than ever before. If your home isn’t properly insulated or ventilated, you may notice that your home has more moisture than usual. Your air conditioning unit can be a great tool to combat heat and manage humidity. Take a look at these great tips to make your AC unit eliminate humidity in your home.

1. Clean your air filter
Replacing your air filter every 90 days will help your AC unit function more efficiently. Overtime, the air filter can be covered in dirt and debris which prohibits the coil from eliminating heat and moisture in the air. As long as your air filter is clean, your evaporator coil should be able to function properly.

2. Adjust the fan speed
In order to remove humidity, we recommend adjusting your fan speed to a rate of 350 CFM per ton. Most systems are programmed to move air at a much faster rate than this which isn’t ideal for humidity removal. Lower fan speeds allow the coil to get colder, which in turn, removes more moisture from the air.

3. Purchase a thermal expansion valve
A thermal expansion valve controls the amount of refrigerant that’s released to the evaporator section. Typically, these cost around $100-$500 dollars but are well worth the investment. It vastly improves the capacity of your evaporator coil and allows it to remove excess heat and humidity.

4. Purchase a dehumidifier
Using a dehumidifier along side your AC unit can significantly reduce humidity in the air. Together, they are powerful at eliminating excess moisture.

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