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How to Burn Less Heating Oil

We can help you conserve your fuel!

Are you interested in conserving heating oil, but aren’t sure where to start? There’s good news! Proper home and furnace maintenance can help conserve fuel and reduce your heating oil bill a generous amount. Take a look at these steps to help your furnace conserve heating oil.

1. Change Your Furnace Filter
A clogged filter can cause your furnace to work harder than usual, which will make it burn more heating oil. Replacing your furnace filter once a month will help your system run more efficiently. Not only will this help conserve heating oil but it can also help prevent dust, allergens, and bacteria from building up in the system and the air within your home.

2. Inspect Your Home’s Insulation
A large culprit behind your furnace burning more heating oil is poor insulation within your home. In order to preserve heating oil, we recommend inspecting your home for any cracks or air leaks. A simple way to solve this issue is by sealing leaks around your windows or doors with reasonably priced caulking.

3. Program Your Thermostat
Programming your thermostat can help prevent any major fluctuations in temperature. This will help conserve heating oil and save you a chunk of change on your next heating oil bill.

4. Check Air Ducts
Air ducts help transfer heat to different rooms within your home. If you notice there are certain rooms that are more difficult to heat, you may want to check your air ducts for a potential leak. You can seal this yourself by purchasing metal tape or by hiring a professional to take a look at it. This will prevent your furnace from burning excess heating oil.

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