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Kerosene Delivery in Sullivan, Eastern Ulster, and Northern Orange.

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kerosene delivery in sullivan countyResnick Energy is locally- and family-owned and operated with more than 20 years of experience serving the heating needs of Sullivan, Eastern Ulster and Northern Orange counties. Our reliable and trusted professionals are dedicated to providing superior customer service and can meet your kerosene heating needs.

Why choose kerosene?

It gets pretty cold here in our area. How cold? Average low temperatures in January can reach down into the single digits.

That’s one reason many people in our area use kerosene in their homes. Kerosene has a lower gel point than the regular heating oil many of us use. If you have an outdoor tank, kerosene is less likely to gel. Gelling is when your heating fuel thickens in cold temperatures and can reduce or even block the flow of heating fuel into your home heating system. You don’t need a special tank for kerosene, as it can be stored in a high-quality heating fuel tank like regular heating oil.

Kerosene from Resnick Energy is reliable and provides even, comfortable heating in your home. It is also a versatile energy source that can not only heat your home but power stoves and be used in lanterns for lighting.

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As with our heating oil, our pricing for kerosene is transparent, with no hidden fees or surprise costs. You pay the same price as cash if you pay using your credit card or a check. And it’s easy to order your fuel with our online form!

If you own a business, don’t forget that in addition to kerosene, Resnick Energy can also provide diesel delivery.

Need kerosene for your home in Sullivan, Orange or Ulster County? Become a Resnick Energy customer today for dependable and safe delivery of kerosene!