Heating Oil Delivery Service in Sullivan County, NY & Nearby

Heating Oil Delivery to Count On in Sullivan, Ulster and Orange Counties

Resnick Energy offers full-service heating oil delivery

heating oil delivery in sullivan countyWhy is heating oil such a great fuel source for heating your home or business?

When Sullivan, Eastern Ulster, and Northern Orange Counties are getting slammed by winter weather, you want your home or business to be warm and comfortable. And heating oil gives you that better than any other fuel source.

The Resnick Energy difference

When it comes to keeping your home warm with heating oil, you need a heating oil delivery company that not only offers affordable, quality heating oil, but one you can trust will offer reliable, prompt and professional heating oil delivery. Here’s what makes Resnick Energy stand tall above all the others:

  • the largest heating oil provider in Sullivan, Eastern Ulster, and Northern Orange Counties, and will handle any size delivery that you or your business needs
  • same-day and next-day heating oil delivery
  • automatic delivery that comes with a 5-cents-per-gallon discount
  • not only a great heating oil price, but transparent heating oil pricing with no surprises, no fuel surcharges and no regulatory fees tacked on to your heating oil bill
  • the same heating oil price whether you pay by cash, check or credit card
  • pricing plans including a price cap and pre-buy, and we can help you find the payment option for the plan you choose
  • we have an energy payment plan that works with not only your heating oil needs, but also with your budget, such as our Budget Plan that lets you spread out your heating oil costs over 11 equal monthly payments
  • discounts offered to veterans, active servicemen and servicewomen, emergency service personnel and senior citizens

You can also order your heating oil with our will-call option. $25 fee for 100 gallon order.

We deliver when others won’t

Contact Us Today! logoIf you’ve ever found yourself running low on heating oil ahead of a cold snap, or gotten burned by a fly-by-night discounter who has flown the coop, Resnick Energy is here for you. Our 24-hour emergency heating oil delivery service is available to anyone in our service area for an emergency delivery fee. You don’t have to be a Resnick customer to get it, but you may become one once you experience our outstanding delivery and service!

Do you want a heating oil delivery service you know will be there when you need it? Contact Resnick Energy today and become a customer!