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5 Heating Oil Myths: 5 Facts To Clear Them Up

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For close to 90 years, heating oil has been keeping American homes warm.

But even after all that time, it remains one of our most misunderstood energy sources.

How much do you really know about the black gold, Texas tea, or whatever you call what’s sitting in that tank in your basement or right outside your home here in Sullivan, eastern Ulster or northern Orange County?

You might be surprised that what you think you know may be an old myth or urban legend. That’s why we’re here now, to do some myth-busting and set the record straight by addressing five misconceptions about heating oil and giving you the truth about them.

Myth: Heating oil is bad for the environment

Fact: Today, we use Ultra Low Sulfur Heating Oil (ULSHO). New York State requires this grade of fuel for all heating oil sold here. ULSHO is not the heating oil of the ‘70s. It’s 95 percent cleaner than the heating oil of that time, producing close to zero particulate emissions and much lower amounts of nitrous oxide and carbon monoxide.

Myth: Oil heat is dangerous

Fact: If you drop a lit match into heating oil, what do you think would happen? If you’re picturing fire, guess again. Heating oil isn’t like gasoline or natural gas, which are volatile at room temperature. It doesn’t burn without very specific conditions. It must be heated to 140 degrees, and then must be vaporized in controlled condition.

Myth: Heating oil is expensive

Fact: Heating oil gives you great value. How great? Adjusting for inflation, home heating oil is cheaper today than what it was in 1980! Not only that, the ULSHO delivered by Resnick Energy leaves fewer deposits on heat exchangers, meaning less wear and tear on your equipment over time. Your equipment lasts longer and needs fewer repairs, saving you even more money!

Myth: Heating oil is inefficient

Fact: Heating oil stands out against other energy sources, producing more Btus per gallon than any of them. Another benefit of today’s ULSHO is that it dramatically reduces sooting and scaling when compared with regular heating oil. Because of that, more heat stays in your home and less goes up the chimney.

Myth: We’re running out of heating oil

Fact: New oil deposits are being discovered regularly both here and abroad. More than one-third of the heating oil we use in the United States is produced domestically, and Canada produces more of our imported oil than all of the Middle Eastern nations combined. So our supply remains plentiful and stable.

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