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Heating Oil: To Lock Or Not Lock The Price?

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Summer is a time to save on your heating oil costs!

After a spring that found us spending more time at home because of the COVID-19 outbreak, we’re enjoying the gorgeous summer weather that lets us be outside, whether it’s relaxing in the back yard or taking a socially distant walk.

But while you’re doing all of that, you should take a few minutes to prepare for the colder weather that will eventually come to the Hudson Valley and Catskills regions.

Why? Because this small bit of time can lead to some big savings when you enroll in our Pre-Buy Protection Price Plan!

Here’s how the Pre-Buy Protection Price Plan works: You can buy up to 100% of the heating oil you used in the past year now, in advance of the heating oil season, at an agreed-upon price per gallon.

What are the advantages of the Pre-Buy Protection Price Plan?

In the summer, the price per gallon for heating oil tends to be lower than at any other time of year, especially winter.

With Pre-Buy Protection Price Plan, you’ll be locking in your heating oil price at the best possible time!

A lot of things affect the global oil markets and thus heating oil prices, such as geopolitical conflicts and natural disasters. But since you have bought your heating oil in advance with the Pre-Buy Protection Price Plan, none of that makes an impact on your fuel costs!

Another benefit of the Pre-Buy Protection Price Plan is that you won’t have to deal heating oil bills, because you’ve already paid! It makes budgeting over the winter, including the holidays and tax time, easier because you also won’t have any surprise spikes in your heating oil costs.

If you end up needing more heating oil than you purchased, we’ll deliver it to you at our fair and transparent daily market rate.

Less stress and controlled costs: What’s not to love about the Pre-Buy Protection Price Plan?

The Pre-Buy Protection Price Plan is a limited opportunity, so act now! Contact us to learn more and enroll.