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Make sure your heating system is ready when you need it

heating system dormancy hudson valley
As we get closer and closer to the start of summer here in the Hudson Valley and Catskills region, we’re thinking about air conditioning and keeping our homes cool.

But don’t forget about your home heating system yet! Take a few steps now, and you’ll save yourself hassle and expense when heating system rolls around again.

Fill your heating oil tank

This may not make sense to you. Why fill the heating oil tank when the oil isn’t going to be needed for months?

This move is designed to protect your heating oil tank from its worst enemy: corrosion caused by condensation. When there’s an empty space in your heating oil tank, condensation builds on the interior walls there. That condensation eventually drips down into the oil and sinks to the bottom. It begins to create an environment perfect for the creation of bacteria and sediment that corrode your tank from the inside out. That can cause leaks and eventually tank failure.

Condensation is ramped up in summer months, meaning all those months your tank is sitting there with empty space, you’re getting closer and closer to your tank failing. A full tank takes away that opportunity for condensation to develop.

So, contact Resnick Energy today to schedule a heating oil delivery. And, while you’re at it, become an Automatic Delivery customer so you know you’ll always have the heating oil you need.
If you’re worried about heating oil sitting in your tank for a few months, don’t be. Heating oil doesn’t go bad in a few months. It takes 18 to 24 months for home heating oil to begin decaying.

Get your heating system serviced

Now is an ideal time for giving your home heating system its annual tune-up. First, this is a quieter time for heating service technicians. That means you can schedule the tune-up for the most convenient time for you. Also, it means you won’t have to try to get an appointment for your tune-up in early fall when everyone else is doing it, too.

Renick Energy is your reliable heating oil delivery company. Become a customer today!