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Make A More Energy Efficient Home: Here Are 5 Ways

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Save money this fall with these tips!

Summer gave way to fall pretty quickly here in Sullivan, northern Orange, and eastern Ulster counties.

If you haven’t had to turn on the heat in your home yet, you will soon. That may have you worrying about the prospect of higher energy costs.

We’re here to help! These five tips can help you keep your energy costs under control while not giving up any comfort.

Take good care of your heating system

Regular maintenance helps your furnace or boiler run at its best possible efficiency, so you’ll use less energy to keep your home warm. A tune-up also gives your service technician the opportunity to discover and repair problems before they lead to reduced efficiency, breakdowns, no-heat emergencies, and big repair bills.

Use your programmable thermostat

Your home’s programmable thermostat can help youcut your home’s heating costs by 10% or more. But you need to know how to set it to get the best efficiency. Follow these two easy directions.

Turn down the water heater

If your water heater is set to 140˚ Fahrenheit, as it often is, that is too high. It’s not energy efficient, but it’s also a safety risk. Water that hot can be scalding, and that’s especially dangerous for infants, children, and the elderly. Lower the setting to 120˚. Your water will still be hot, but you’ll cut your energy costs by up to 10%!

Use free, natural heating

Leave your curtains and blinds open during the day to take advantage of solar heating. Remember to close them at night to retain all that heat you brought in so you don’t have to run your furnace or boiler as much.

End heat loss

Did you know that the drafts around doors and windows, and through walls and ceilings in an average American home are the equivalent of leaving a window open? Stop sending money out the door (and windows) by using caulk, weatherstripping, and expanding foam to seal up those drafts. These simple projects can lower your heating costs up to 20%!

Reliable heating oil delivery from Resnick Energy will keep your home warm and comfortable this fall and winter. Become a customer today!